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Practicing Self-Love 🌈 After Some Storms ⛈

Hi y’all! Thanks for being here! I love summer with all of my heart; however, I always seem to struggle with having a love/hate relationship for bikini season since forever and always. The ‘love‘ part is pretty simple! I love being outside, the beach, the pool, & just having fun in the sun overall! And […]


    Hello my sweet friends! As most of you know I brought in the new year with a positive COVID test (and a side of strep throat). To be fair and completely NOT surprised I was definitely living a carefree life by going out and about to several public places around the beautiful holiday vibed month […]

My Story

How it all started… I was working the grand opening for a brand new gym that had opened at the time, which was my home of work for several years.  I was a fitness trainer working at the time. (I’ve been a personal fitness trainer & group ex. instructor for over 14 years now)  I […]